Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Homeland Security grants used to buy gym gear

The following is a correction to a story run in the Miami Herald dated November 6, 2007. The story was a rehash of an original report that aired on WFOR-TV November 5, 2007.

"...Broward County firefighters have $86,410 worth of weight machines, treadmills and exercise equipment that were paid for by federal money that FEMA sent to the former Lauderdale Lakes fire department. ..."

CORRECTION: The amount spent on the exercise equipment was not $86,410. The amount was only $6,410. The remaining $80,000 was spent on the following:

A generator, rescue saws, hose nozzels, rescue tools, ladders, hoses, a rescue stair chair, fire extinguishers, axes, pry bars, hammers, lighting, crow bars, other specialized rescue equipment as well as over $20,000 of the total that was spent on repairs to the fire house.

All this information was contained in a detailed spreadsheet that was given to WFOR reporter Stephen Stock, but incorrectly reported in the Miami Herald. That spreadsheet is available for download from the BSO Media Relations section of our website, www.sheriff.org.