Thursday, March 29, 2007

Deputy shoots shackled man with stun gun in Broward courtroom

The following is information that was given to the Sun-Sentinel related to the article dated March 29, 2007, but was not included in their reporting of the story.

The inmate involved, Kevin Bradley, has a history of violent outbursts in the courtroom. In fact, the day before, because of fears he may once again become disruptive, the Judge's courtroom staff filed a "High-Risk Notification" form. This is a form that requests additional security in the courtroom for defendants that have a history of violence. According to the notification (filed the day before his court appearance), Bradley "has shown aggressive behavior in past appearances in court."

This information was given to the Sun-Sentinel, but apparently not considered relevant enough to include in the story.

Following the incident, it is standard procedure to take anyone who has been involved in a taser incident to the be medically checked out. Bradley suffered no injuries. The courtroom deputy that he grabbed however, did suffer minor injuries to his arm.